Sanmar Marine Services was established in the beginning of nineties at Suez port as a shipchandler, serving ships calling Egyptian ports and transiting Suez Canal.

Provisions Supply

We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and commercial vessels

Technical Stores

supply all engines stores, engine spare parts, deck stores, cabin stores, rewinding any type of electrical motors and etc…

Safety and Rescue Equipment

We supply marine personnel safety, and rescue equipment, rescue boats and medicines equipment.

Our Special


We supply all fresh and frozen provisions, marine personal safety, medicines and medicines equipment, cigarettes, perfumes and engine spare parts at any of the egyptians ports with very competitive price.


We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and….

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Mooring ropes

We can arrange Mooring Ropes Rental at any of the Egyptians ports….

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Bonded stores

Beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics….

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Fresh water supply

We supply fresh water, and delivered through a dedicated system with flow metering….

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We supply marine personnel safety, rescue boats, rescue equipment, and medicines….

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We have the ability to safely remove ship slop oils and often….

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Why Choosing Sanmar?

Availability 24/7

Excellent quality and packing of all supplies

Careful handling & delivery in time of goods

Reasonable prices

Free of charge delivery and no hidden cost

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